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The MTA, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, is a public transportation system serving Downstate New York along with the southwestern part of Connecticut. They are the largest public transit authority in the U.S. The MTA is comprised of the MTA New York City Bus, New York City Subway, Metro-North Railroad, MTA Long Island Railroad (LIRR), and the Staten Island Railroad.

They provide 2.73 billion trips each year to New Yorkers via subways, buses and railroads. And 4 out of 5 commuters to New York City take rapid transit service. With so many residents and visitors using the MTA transportation, it’s not surprising that accidents happen every day. Unfortunately, many of these accidents could have been avoided through proper maintenance or if the driver had been careful, more alert, or better trained.

Over the past 5 years, the MTA has paid out almost $450 million to settle thousands of claims. However, it is well known that the MTA is notorious for taking a very long time to settle negligence and wrongful death lawsuit. It's not uncommon for a boilerplate negligence case against the MTA to take 3 or 4 years get in front of a jury of your peers for trial. Waiting to get the money you deserve from your MTA lawsuit can be difficult and frustrating.

We have been helping personal injury victims for almost 20 years. If you have been seriously hurt in an accident involving the MTA that was not your fault and you want to borrow money from your lawsuit, we are your legal funding solution.

Our personal injury loan company offers lawsuit plaintiffs lawsuit cash advances from $1,000 to $250,000 with no credit check. We are not concerned with your credit score or credit history. If you were not at fault for the accident, hired a New York personal injury attorney, and sustained serious injuries, we can get you the cash you need to stay afloat in as little as 1 day.

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MTA Long Island Railroad Lawsuit Loans

MTA accidents such as train accidents, NYC subway accident, Metro-North accidents, and Long Island Railroad accidents often cause catastrophic injuries to their riders and passengers.

Bad Credit or No Credit… No Problem. If you have a good case and have retained a personal injury attorney, we can help.

Our settlement funding program is unlike a loan obligation, no collateral nor a review of an applicant’s credit profile is necessary to qualify for lawsuit funding since our funding decision is based upon the merits of the case. Furthermore, with pre-settlement funding, the plaintiff is obligated to pay back the settlement loan Only if the case is settled or the plaintiffs win an award or verdict.

Another benefit of a lawsuit loan is that we do not set any restrictions on how you choose to use the cash advance. Although the majority of accident victims use the cash advance to pay their rent, car note, telephone bill, utility bills, child care expenses, and the mortgage, you can use the cash loan for anything you need.

MTA LIRR Accident Pre-Settlement Funding

When an accident occurs because of the negligence of a MTA employee or because of faulty equipment, poor security measures or badly maintained stations or tracks, the New York City Transit Authority may be liable for your injuries.

Let us help you get the cash you need to survive the long litigation process. We specialize in pre settlement funding for all types of personal injury and wrongful death lawsuit against the NYC MTA system.

Many of the 3rd-party liability lawsuits against the MTA are for the following:

  • Slip and fall on the train or at the train station
  • Trip and fall on the train or at the train station
  • Tripping and falling between the gap exiting or entering the train car
  • Derailment
  • Driver was operating the bus too fast
  • Driver was under the Influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Failure to yield
  • Fire or smoke in the train
  • Subway crash
  • Inadequate or improper maintenance or repair
  • Operator or driver fatigue
  • Train vs motor vehicle collision
  • Subway crash
  • Equipment malfunctions
  • Human Error
  • Unsafe lane change
  • Following too closely

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Applying for a lawsuit cash advance on your LIRR injury claim

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MTA Long Island Railroad Lawsuit Loans