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Jones Act Settlement Funding

The Jones Act, also called the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, is a federal statute that was enacted to protects crew members of a vessel in the event of injury. This federal act applies to inland river workers as well as offshore crew members.

The Jones Act was crafted to formalize the rights of seamen such as workers on cargo ships, oil drilling rigs, crew boats, barges, transportation boats, and dredges. It allows seamen who were injured on the job to receive various forms of compensation. 

Under federal law, if you were a sea man injured on the job while performing your employment duties, your employer is responsible for taking care of your medical bills. Additionally, under the Jones Act, you are entitled to wages that have been lost as a result of your work-related injuries.

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What exactly is The Jones Act?

As stated above, the Jones Act is federal statute. In addition to addressing the right of injured workers at sea, the Act also addresses the transport of goods and passengers.

As it relates injured workers, The Jones Act should not be confused with workers' compensation insurance benefits. Although both workers’ compensation and The Jones Act provide some form of compensation when an employee has been injured while performing his or her job duties, there are several and significant differences between the two that we will discuss further.

Essentially, seamen who are injured cannot file a workers’ compensation claim. Furthermore, shipping accidents, cruise ship accidents, fishing boats and offshore accidents and other injuries at sea do not fall under the traditional workers compensation regulations. One of the major differences between The Jones Act and Workers' Compensation is, under The Jones Act, fault plays a significant role, whereas fault is not a determining factor when it comes to workers' compensation benefits.

Therefore, a Jones Act claim allows an injured worker to pursue additional benefits in addition to the loss wages and medical bills. A seaman making a claim under the act can seek monetary compensation for pain and suffering, future medical costs, and loss of income.

We have extensive knowledge in Maritime Law and are one of the few lawsuit funding companies in the U.S. providing both seamen lawsuit loans and well as workers' compensation settlement loans.

Who is eligible for our Jones Act settlement cash advance program?

If you were injured working as a seaman on a barge, fishing boat, jack up barges, oil rigs, tug boat, shipping boats, dredge or another vessel, you can apply for litigation funding on your federal Jones Act claim. Sea men hurt in a work-related accident on the high seas and navigable waters in the United States should call us to find out how they can get a no-risk, low interest rate Jones Act settlement loans.

Keep in mind that the Jones Act covers those employees who are defined as “seamen.” You should have a pending claim for negligence by your employer or co-worker, or the unseaworthiness of their vessel, which directly caused you to sustain injuries.

We have helped seamen all across American get cash while waiting for their case to settle. A few of these states include Florida, Texas, Alabama, Michigan, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

How to get funding on your Jones Act Lawsuit today

Seaman and harbor workers put themselves at risk on a daily basis. The Jones Act federal statue allows for injured seamen to recover damages if they can prove their employer or co-worker was responsible for causing the work-related harbor accident.

We have helped workers of all job functions in all areas work such as offshore drilling; offshore supply and transport; dredging; and fishing.

We are the legal funding experts in Maritime liability funding.

After you apply with us, we will contact your law firm to gather some additional information on your pending Merchant Marine Act case. Once we get the additional information from your law firm, we will immediately review the documents to cause of the injury. We typically see negligence claims for failing to properly train seamen; failing to hire qualified harbor workers; failing to maintain proper safety equipment; failing to follow or enforce standard safety procedures; and failing to properly maintain the vessel.

You can expect us to call us as soon as we are done reviewing your case. We will tell you exactly how much money you have been approved.

Call 1-888-715-8701 or apply online. Remember, you have nothing to lose. The call is free and there's no obligation just for calling or applying online.

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