The Pros of a Lawsuit Cash Advance

Settling a lawsuit can take some time. Although the majority of injury cases are settled before going to trial, the entire process can take months, even years.  Furthermore, it can take longer if your attorney wins a verdict or award that is appealed by the defendant. Even though your lawyer will try his or her best to resolve your case quickly,  there’s no way to predict exactly how long your claim might take.

While you’re waiting for your lawsuit to settle with the insurance company, you still have to find a way to pay your bills and handle your expenses. If you have sustained serious physical injuries that took you out of work, waiting for a settlement or award might mean you quickly burn through all the savings you have. Basic expenses like groceries and the rent can add up fast.

If you are currently struggling to stay afloat, a lawsuit cash advance may be your best financial solution in borrowing money from your pending lawsuit.  Our lawsuit cash advance program can help alleviate financial stress while waiting for the case to settle with the insurance company of defendant.

Lawsuit cash advances can provide much needed breathing space if you are having difficulty covering your living expenses, rent payments, mortgage, car note payment, and medical bills, and surgery expenses.

Get a Lawsuit Cash Advance Today

If your injury is causing you to lose income or incur unexpected expenses, then your financial situation may get much worse before you settle your case or win a judgment.

We know what you going through. Our funding company provides risk-free lawsuit loans to victims of automobile accidents, personal injury cases, medical malpractice, wrongful death, and workers' compensation claims.

Don't accept a "low-ball" settlement on your case because you need money fast. We can get you money now so your attorney can get you the maximum settlement you deserve from your lawsuit. Stop struggling and get the help you need today by calling 1-888-715-8701 to speak with a friendly and experienced funding specialist.

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