Wal-Mart® Personal Injury Settlement Loans

Have you been hurt at Walmart® and need to borrow money fast against your case?

If you have a pending personal injury liability claim against Walmart for negligence, or if you were injured as an employee at Walmart and have a pending workers' compensation claim, we can get you a risk-free lawsuit cash advance in 1 Day.

We specialize in pre settlement funding for all types of injury claims. Call or apply online if you need to borrow $1,000 to $250,000, 1-888-715-8701.

Walmart and their extensive team of defense attorneys are notorious for vigorously defending personal injury lawsuits against their corporation. That's why the majority of lawsuits against Walmart take years to resolve.

Our Walmart accident loans and designed to help you stay afloat until you get the money from your lawsuit. The process is fast and easy. We do not require a check, and there are no out of pocket fees, ever! Best of all, the cash advance is risk-free. That means you pay back the settlement loan only if and when you win or settle your case. But if you lose, you owe nothing!

Lawsuit cash advance on Walmart injury claims

Wal-Mart is the world's largest company by revenue in 2016. They are also the largest non-governmental employer. It should therefore not be surprising that Walmart is sued more often than any American entity, with the exception being the U.S. government. It is reported that Wal-Mart is sued close to 5,000 times every year. That's almost once every two hours.

A considerable amount of the lawsuits against Wal-Mart are personal injury liability claim. They have been filed by personal injury attorneys all across America on behalf of injured accident victims.

Walmart defends claims alleging negligence, wrongful death, and discrimination. Many of the claim are for:

  • Slip and Fall Accident Lawsuit
  • Trip and Fall Accident Lawsuit
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Lawsuit
  • Premises Liability Lawsuit
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Inadequate Security

Many defendants, as well as insurance companies, choose to settle claims quickly rather than prolonging litigation because an expeditious resolution is generally more efficient and less costly. You would think that Walmart would do all that's in their power to resolve the majority of these lawsuits as quickly as possible. On the contrary, Walmart litigation strategy runs opposite to that of other corporations, which is to settle quickly.

Walmart's lawsuit strategy takes a more adversarial approach by aggressively defending lawsuit even when it may very well be cheaper for them to settle.

Our lawsuit funding company receives many inquiries from plaintiffs and trial attorneys seeking financial assistance in connection with a Walmart case. If you need a no-risk lawsuit cash advance, you can call us or fill out the online application. 


How can a lawsuit loan on my Wal-Mart case help me?

Wal-Mart is a big defendant. However, they have a serious reputation for being very aggressive.

In view of the fact that Walmart vigorously defends injury claims against them, you can expect that they will deny, defend, and delay the settlement process as long as they can. Don't expect your "slam dunk case" to translate to a "slam duck settlement." Walmart will use all available resources to prove they were not negligent for your injuries and/or the injuries you were caused to sustain are not that serious or permanent.

Walmart lawsuit loans have proved to be a financial lifeline for thousands of Walmart personal injury plaintiffs.

A settlement loan on your Walmart case can not only help you pay your bills and stay afloat financially, it can also empower you to continue fighting Walmart until you get the justice you deserve.

Settlement loans have saved injured accident victims from financial disaster such as eviction and repossession. You can use the cash advance to pay your rent, car note, insurance, repair bills, mortgage, child care expenses, and buy groceries. There are no restrictions on how you use the lawsuit cash advance. The money is yours to use as you need.

A settlement loan can also help you get a larger award.

Instead of taking a low-ball settlement offer from Walmart through their claims management company (Claims Management, Inc.), a cash loan on your settlement will give you the ability to hold out for a larger settlement. Your attorney can then take all the time needed to prepare your case for litigation in anticipation of a jury trial.

How to get a settlement loan on your Wal-Mart lawsuit from one of the nation's premier legal funding companies?

We make borrowing money from a settlement fast and easy for injured accident victims. If you have been injured as the result of the negligence and need a cash loan on your case, we can advance you $1,000 to $250,000 from your future settlement. Just call 1-888-715-8701 or apply online now. We have friendly and experienced lawsuit funding specialist ready to take your questions or application.

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Walmart personal injury loans on settlements

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