Rental Car Lawsuit Loans

If you have been hurt in motor vehicle accident involving a rental car and need to borrow money from your expected rent-a-car lawsuit settlement, we can advance you $1,000 to $250,000 in as little as 1 Day, with no credit check & no up-front fees!

Our personal injury funding company provides pre-settlement loans to people who have been injured in a car rental crash & have retained an injury lawyer. Call or apply online if you need financial assistance to pay bills or for that unexpected emergency.

The car rental business is a multi-billion dollar a year industry.  Each and every day, in every state across America, thousands of cars are rented to individuals and businesses.

With so many car rentals on the road, it's easy to see why there are so many serious accident involving rental vehicle.

Serious motor vehicle collisions can result in debilitating and permanent injuries. These car accident victims often suffer severe injuries that include neck injury; back injury; shoulder injury; knee injury; and leg injury.

In the majority of car rental wrecks, the extent of the injuries is so severe that the accident victims is left unable to go back to work and make a sufficient income. If your injury has caused you to lose time from your job or take a reduction in pay, you do have a viable solution.

Our car rental lawsuit loan program puts money in your pockets before receiving your settlement from the rent a car insurance company. If you have a car rental injury claim and have retained a personal injury attorney, need to borrow $1,000 to $250,000, you are eligible to apply for an auto rent loan now.


Borrowing money from a Rent-a-Car settlement?

Rental car companies offer customers a wide variety of motor vehicles to rent. For example, Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers customers 27 types of "vehicle class" to choose. The lowest vehicle class offered at Enterprise Car Rental is the "economy size" (Kia Rio) class and the highest level is the "premium exotic" class (BMW 750 IL).

Rent a car companies, such as Enterprise Rent A Car, Avis Car Rental, and Hertz Rental car, rent motor vehicles to people and businesses on a short term or long terms basis. A short-term car rental is a rental that is generally fewer than 30 days.  A long-term auto rental is typically the renting of a motor vehicle for greater than 30 day; however, some rent a car companies do classify a long term car rental as greater than 12 months. 

We make borrowing money from a lawsuit fast and hassle-free. There's no credit check, no income requirements, no out of pocket expenses, and no job requirements.

Best of all, the lawsuit lending on a rental car lawsuit is risk-free to plaintiffs and accident victims. You do not make any monthly payments, and pay back the settlement cash advance only if and when you win or settle your case. If you lose or do not settle, you are not obligated to pay back the rent a car accident lawsuit cash advance.

The majority of plaintiffs who contact us about borrowing against a lawsuit, have car rental claims involving the following Rent-A-Car companies:

  • Economy Rent-A-Car
  • Hertz Car Rental
  • Payless Car Rental
  • Thrifty Rental Car
  • Eligible car rental accident cases
  • Advantage Car Rental
  • Alamo Rent-A-Car
  • National Car Rental
  • Avis Rent-A-Car
  • Budget Car Rental
  • Dollar Rental Car
  • Fox Rent-A-Car

Contact us now if you have a car accident lawsuit and need to borrow money before receiving the money from your settlement. We can get you the case you need in 1 day. And remember, if your lose or don't win an award or verdict, then you own nothing!

Am I eligible for a loan on my pending car rental lawsuit?

We can provide injured auto rental accident victims with a lawsuit cash advance in as little as 1 day!

Our fast and low interest rate car accident cash advances can help you get the cash you urgently need when you need it the most.

We approve the majority of car rental lawsuit funding applications--93% of qualified applications to be precise. We provide funding for soft tissue cases and cases involving a surgical procedure. The majority of customers we help have injuries consisting of the following:

  • Ankle Injury
  • Back Injury
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Knee Injury
  • Leg Injury
  • Neck Injury
  • Shoulder Injury
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • TMJ Injury

Call of apply online if you have been hurt in a rental car accident and need a lawsuit cash advance.

Fast pre settlement funding on a car accident settlement

When you are involved in a rent a car personal injury lawsuit, you have enough on your plate. The last thing you need to be struggling with is how to pay your bills.

A lawsuit cash advance on your auto accident settlement from our settlement funding company, put cash in your hand before you collect the settlement money from the insurance company.

To get started, all you have to do is put in your application by filling out the online form on this webpage. You can also call and speak with a lawsuit funding expert by call 1-888-715-8701 during standard business hour (Eastern Standard Time). 

We look forward to helping you.


Rental Car Accident Loan on Lawsuit Settlement