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If you have been hurt due to inadequate security or negligent security and need a risk-free cash advance on your lawsuit settlement, we can help you and your family today.

Our lawsuit funding company provides fast and hassle-free personal injury loan on liability claims and as well as wrongful death lawsuits. Lawsuit cash advances available from $1,000 to $250,000. Call to apply online, 1-888-715-8701.

We provide personal injury loans on injury claims and wrongful death lawsuit. As a national lawsuit funding company, we help premises liability victims by getting them and their families no-risk lawsuit cash advances while they are waiting for their lawsuit settlement.

Negligent security settlement loans were crafted to help inadequate security victims stay afloat during the litigation process.

Inadequate security lawsuits can take years to resolve. That's because the defendant(s) will typically deny liability. Defendant will often assert that they were not the legal cause of the plaintiff's injury or other defense to escape liability.

Inadequate security cases present challenges for plaintiff trial lawyers. A successful negligent security case requires proof that a standard of care existed, that through negligence it was breached, and that the breach was a proximate cause of the damage or injury. The failure to meet each proof requirement can result in a defense verdict.

What is negligent security liability?

Negligent security and inadequate security is often to blame for the preventable assault, rape, sexual abuse, stabbing, slashing, or murder of an innocent crime victim.

Businesses owner, landlords, and homeowners whose negligence in failing to provide adequate security can be held financially responsible for the resulting injury or death of a tenant, customer, or invited guests. Furthermore, if there was sufficient evidence that needed security was lacking, inadequate or negligently performed, the responsible parties can and should be held liable for the victim’s damages.

Injuries due to negligent security can occur at a hotel, apartment, shopping mall, nightclub, train station, office building, concert arena, swimming pool, and parking lot, to just name a few.

Negligent security settlement loans:

We have provided pre settlement funding to lawsuit plaintiffs for all types of inadequate security cases. A few examples of negligent security cases we have underwritten and funded include:

  • Negligent Homeowner - A landlord or premises owner has the legal duty to ensure that premises is safe from intruders. We were able to provide a personal injury lawsuit loan to a lawsuit plaintiff who sustained violent and serious injuries because of negligent security on the part of the homeowner.
  • Hotel Owner - Unfortunately, tourist injuries and fatalities at hotels occur more often than you might expect. Hotel owners also have a legal duty to protect and ensure the safety of tourists and travelers on or at their premises. We advance lawsuit loans on personal injury cases and well as wrongful death cause of action. If you or a loved one have suffered an injury resulting from a broken lock, failed security system, or negligent maintenance and you need cash now, we can advance you $1,000 to $250,000 in 1 day.
  • Parking Lot - Parking lot muggings can happen anywhere and at any time. However, a parking lot mugging resulting from a broken light or failed security could be a cause of action against a negligent operator, security company or owner. If you have a claim against a parking lot or premises owner for improper lighting and need to borrow money against your future settlement, we can help you.
  • Negligent Apartment Landlord - An apartment left unsecured or without repair could result in a mugging, sexual assault, robbery, battery, stabbing, and even wrongful death or murder. If you or someone you love has been injured through negligent maintenance or security such as a broken light, broken buzzer or dangerous location, we can provide you with a risk-free lawsuit cash advance in as little as 1 day.
  • Swimming Pools: In addition to protecting against intruders, there is a duty to prevent injury and death from an unsecured swimming pool. Private swimming pools and pools belonging to the municipality must be secured to prevent injury such as drowning. We have significant experience with swimming pool liability claims.
  • Sexual Assault on Campus - The truth is quite alarming. College campuses are high crime areas. The statistics regarding rape and sexual assault are astonishing. Sexual violence on campus is pervasive. Among undergraduates, 23.1% of females and 5.4% of males experience rape or sexual assault. As landowners, colleges and universities can be held liable for inadequate security under the law of premises liability. We are one of the few lawsuit funding companies with the compassion, experience, and resources required to provide sexual assault lawsuit funding.
  • Slashing and Stabbing - A landlord or premises owner has the legal duty to ensure that premises is safe from intruders. We were able to provide a personal injury lawsuit loan to a lawsuit plaintiff who sustained violent and serious injuries because of negligent security on the part of the homeowner.
  • Shootings - Every day when we read the daily newspaper or turn on the evening news on the television, we hear about another shooting. As we know, gun violence can cause permanent and debilitating injuries, even death. A few years back we were able to provide a settlement cash advance to a pharmacist who was shot and permanently injured by a drug user. The plaintiff had a lawsuit that was being handled by a successful Florida trial attorney. After reviewing the case and speaking with the attorney, we were able to advance the plaintiff $175,000 so he could pay his bills and other expenses and also provide financially for his family. We were glad to have helped

If you or a loved one has pending premises liability lawsuit and need to borrow $1,000 to $250,000 give us a call and tell us about your case so we can determine exactly how we can help you. The call is toll-free and there's no obligation just for calling or applying. You have nothing to lose. 1-888-715-8701.

Am I eligible for a lawsuit loan on my inadequate security lawsuit?

We are one of America's best personal injury funding companies for inadequate security personal injury lawsuits.

If the victim, of estate, of the crime is asserting that the defendant / defendants negligently failed to provide adequate security measures or take reasonable precautions to protect its patrons from the criminal or violent acts, then we can review the case for funding consideration. 

Defendants in premises liability negligent security cases are usually a property owner; business establishment; security company; or common carrier such as buses, trains, subways, shuttles, taxis, or cruise ships.

Eligible case types for inadequate security include:

  •   Faulty gates, locks, or doors
  •   Insufficient lighting in parking areas and common areas
  •   Broken security cameras
  •   Broken windows or fences
  •   Failing to employ a security guard when a reasonable owner would do so
  •   Improper maintenance of security measures, such as cameras, lights, and locks
  •   Slip and Fall injury claim
  •   Trip and Fall injury claims
  •   Workplace Violence

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