Do you need a Loan on Your Personal Injury Lawsuit?

We can assist you in securing No Credit Check, No Up-Front Fees funding to cover:

Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding.pngLiving & Personal Expenses

Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding.pngRent or Mortgage

Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding.pngChild Care Expenses

Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding.pngCar Note

Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding.pngAutomobile Repairs

Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding.pngGroceries

Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding.pngMedical Bills

Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding.pngSurgery Cost & Fees

Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding.pngor Anything you need. It's your money to use as you want!

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$1,000 to $250,000

If you win or settle

Until your case settles

Easy 1 Day approval

We provide non-recourse (no win-no fee) funding solutions designed help personal injury victims stay afloat during the lengthy litigation process, so they can continue fighting the greedy insurance company or negligent defendant for maximum financial compensation.


Our funding solutions can be used for


We're the smart choice for accident victims, lawsuit plaintiffs, & trial lawyers searching for advances on pending lawsuit settlement. Our expertise sets us miles apart from the competition. Call today to discover why we were voted best personal injury loan companies in the U.S.

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Limited finances or the lack of sufficient health coverage should Not prevent someone from getting quality medical care. Far too often, plaintiffs don't have adequate health insurance to pay for medical treatment or surgery.  Medical treatment funding is the solution for uninsured accident victims.

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Struggling to pay your bills? Accidents can cause debilitating and permanent injuries. Many seriously injured personal injury lawsuit plaintiffs experience loss of personal income due to an inability to work after a bad accident. Settlement funding provides fast cash to pay your bills and other financial obligations.

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The first step in getting a loan on your personal injury settlement in as little as 1 day is to fill out the short online application form at this website or call us at 1-888-715-8701.

We Contact Your Law Firm

We move quickly to get cash in your hands faster! After we receive your application for personal injury loan, a friendly specialist from our underwriting department will reach out to your lawyer to gather some additional information about your case.

Cash in Your Hands

We send you the money as soon as we get back the signed contract.

After reviewing your case, a funding representative will call and tell you how much money you have been approved. If you want to follow through with the settlement cash advance, we will email or fax the funding agreement to you and your attorney to review and sign.


Noah R.
Decatur, Georgia
I'm sending this email to thank you for expediting my accident loan application. I'm really impressed at how fast the process was. I applied on your website Tuesday morning and the money was wired to me that evening. You kept your word. I wish I didn't have to borrow against my accident but I had no choice and no one else to turn to. The money came in my account just in time for me to get my car back. I told my lawyer about you.
Larry A.
Jersey City, New Jersey
You guys are amazing. You loaned me all the money I needed to get my tranny fixed and didn't scam me with a high rate. I called another lender before I called you guys but they only wanted to advance me 700 bucks. But I'm glad I decided to call your number after seeing your ad on the internet. Anthony made the process easy and seemed like he really knows what he is doing. I told him about my case and in 5 minutes he had me preapproved for 1,500. He personally handled my application from start to end. Thanks for looking out for me.
Barbara S.
Detroit, Michigan
Seth was been really great in helping me get the cash advance. He was able to work out a buyout that worked for me and explained things to me in a simple way. Even though I got approved by another funding companies, I decided to go with yours because you offered me more money and treated me better. I believe a job well done should be recognized. Please let Seth know his hard work didn't go unnoticed and I appreciate how kind he was to me. Have a good day.
Tanya R.
Oakland, California
I got me the money I needed to pay my rent before my landlord was able to evict me and my kids. Thank you.


The best personal injury loan company

Personal Injury LoanOur personal injury loan company is one of the nation's leading providers of risk-free cash advances for people who have been seriously injured through no fault of their own and retained legal counsel.

We are dedicated to helping injured accident victims and lawsuit plaintiffs who are experiencing cash flow problems and financial hardship during the settlement process. We know the lawsuit settlement process can be long and frustrating, and we have designed several financial products to meet your needs.

An unpleasant reality of the litigation process is that personal injury lawsuits and workers compensation claim can take years to come to a final disposition. However, during this period, injured accident victims often find themselves struggling financially because they are unable to return to work or generate the income they made prior to the injury. If you need to borrow money but can't turn to a bank or personal lender because or bad or not credit, then borrowing against your settlement may be your best solutions.

Borrowing against a settlement is easy: If you have a pending personal injury claim, in which you sustained serious injuries because of another party's negligence or careless and you have hired an attorney, we can get you the financial assistance you need now in the form of a no-risk personal injury accident loan.  As a direct lawsuit lender, we offer accident cash advances from $1,000 to $250,000. The actual amount of money you can borrow from your lawsuit will depend of the fact and circumstances of your particular case.

Thousands of injured accident victims and plaintiffs looking for a personal injury loan fast have turned to our legal funding company for quick cash advance loan. Our goal is to send you the cash advance within 1 Day.

We have funding for lawsuits of all types, from automobile accident lawsuits to slip and fall lawsuits and from workers' compensation cases to Jones Act lawsuits. A few of the many cases we provide lawsuit cash advances are:

  • Bus Accident Lawsuits
  • Car Wreck Injury Lawsuits
  • Motor Vehicle Collision Lawsuit
  • Pedestrian Accident Lawsuits
  • Car Rental Accident Lawsuits
  • Slip and Fall Accident Lawsuits
  • Semi Tractor Trailer Lawsuits
  • Workers' Compensation Claims
  • And, many, many more

Regardless of your injury, length of treatment, or type of treatment, we aim to help all accident victims who were hurt because of someone else's negligence or carelessness. We typically advance lawsuit loans for neck and back injury such as herniated and bulging disc injuries; knee injury; broken bones and fractures; shoulder injury; TMJ injury; carpal tunnel syndrome; traumatic brain injury; surgery; and more.

Call and speak with a live agent in our underwriting department right now to find out how much money you can borrow against your lawsuit today, 1-888-715-8701

Advantages of personal injury loans on settlements

Lawsuit Cash Advance LoansA personal injury loan in advance of a settlement is designed to help injured accident victims and lawsuit plaintiffs stay afloat financially before they get the money for their settlement. But don't let the name fool you.

A personal injury loan is not a traditional bank loan. Rather, it is simply a risk-free cash advance on a pending or expected settlement. Because personal injury loans on settlements are not bank loans, it's easy to qualify and fast to get approved.

Unlike a bank loan, the transaction is much faster and the process is hassle-free. Our personal injury settlement funding program is not based upon your credit history or credit score. We determine if you qualify for a lawsuit loan and how much money you can borrow from your lawsuit by the merits or your case and not your credit profile.

Another advantage of a personal injury loan for no credit is you do not make any monthly payments.  Additionally, one of the most interesting characteristics of our personal injury loans is that you are not obligated to pay back the settlement cash advance if you do not settle the claim or win an award or verdict. That correct: You keep the money and owe nothing if you lose or do not get monetary compensation from the insurance company or defendant(s).

We have the best personal injury loans for hurt accident victims:

  • No credit check
  • No application fees
  • No out-of-pocket fees
  • No monthly payment
  • No job requirements
  • If you lose or don't settle, owe nothing!

Personal injury lawsuit loans have helped tens of thousands of lawsuit plaintiffs stay afloat during the lengthy litigation process.  Although the majority of plaintiffs use the lawsuit cash advance to pay their rent, phone bill, car payment, repair bills, utility bills, insurance, mortgage, child care obligations, and buy groceries, you are free to use the money for anything you need to get back on your feet.

An added benefit of getting a risk-free settlement loan is you can win a bigger settlement from the defendant. Yes, a loan on your lawsuit settlement can remove the pressure to take the insurance companies low-ball offer and empower you to continue fighting for a better settlement amount. When there's no pressure to settle early because of financial hardship your injury attorney can take all the time needed to prepare your case for litigation and potentially trial.

Don't settle for pennies on the dollar. We have the financial tools to help level the playing field.

Personal injury loans for no credit

Lawsuit cash advance companyStop worrying about those bills and start focusing on recovering from your injuries and winning the best settlement from your lawsuit. If you're stressing over bills right now or worrying about how you're going to get the money to take care of that unexpected emergency, then a personal injury loan in advance on your settlement might be the best solution. 

Our personal injury funding company has been voted one of best personal injury loan companies for a reason. We've been helping accident victims for almost 20 years and we can help you and your family by providing access to financial tools available exclusively to injured accident victims and personal injury lawsuit plaintiffs in the U.S. If you want a no-hassle, fast approval, low interest rate settlement cash advance, then go ahead and put in your application with us.

Don't delay in getting the lawsuit loan you need now. Call and speak with a friendly and experienced agent in our underwriting department right now. The call is toll free and there's no obligation just for submitting an application. You can also put in an application through our website for faster processing. As soon as we receive your funding request, we'll get started on your application by contacting your attorney to gather some additional information on your pending settlement.

Don't let the insurance company win! Get a personal injury lawsuit cash advance today so you can get money to pay your bills and continue fighting the greedy insurance company for the best possible compensation.